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Introducing ChrissyK’s

My love for body contouring, my passion for helping others and encouraging self-love/self-care has developed into ChrissyK’s. The club where women can be who they are meant to be! Walking through every step of life confidently with their heads held high!  After the birth of my two girls, I was determined to get my body pre-baby body back! With always being a user of waist trainers I turned to body contouring garments to help me get that shape back I once had. During this process, I realized that most of the products on the market just weren’t right! They were poor quality, hard to find in store and ordering online was a very difficult and drawn out situation. Sizing always seemed to be off, fabrics were uncomfortable and some just hurt and no way could be worn! I was fed up! Fast forward two years later and I have developed, perfected and sought out the best, high-quality garments that not only enhance the body’s appearance but also contours the body while remaining comfortable for everyday all day wear. Whatever your needs are ChrissyK’s is here for you!
Perfected By ME! Created For YOU!



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